EHS Select was created with the knowledge and belief that for industry and the economy to flourish, so must the environment. If there is one recurring theme that has transcended all of the United States’ historical eras, it is the importance of natural resources to the growth and development of our nation.

EHS Select represents the soldiers on the front line of the constantly evolving maze of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) technology, politics, legislation and regulations at the federal, state and local levels. EH&S professionals have continually enabled industry to expand, while at the same time, decreased pollution, bettered our environment and protected our communities. It is only through the service and dedication of these professionals that this has been made possible.

At EHS Select, we do not rely upon available candidates or a database exclusively. We utilize our nationwide network to surgically qualify and pinpoint the right EH&S professional for the right EH&S job. We consult with clients on hiring strategies and candidates on the development of their career path.

Clients value our knowledge of local contacts, trends, regulations and our confidential candidate relationships that have been developed over the years. We understand the strategic issues of our clients, giving both candidates and clients a measurable advantage. Our network of candidates provides a depth and range of expertise that will meet your job requirements. We guarantee it.

Our team has over 20 years of EH&S and recruiting experience. Our commitment to building strong relationships has facilitated a nationwide network of EH&S candidates and career opportunities. Given our focus and in-depth understanding of EH&S issues, we are well qualified to assist you in achieving your goals.

Trust, knowledge and vision differentiate EHS Select. This reputation is what we rely upon and we guard it closely. We take great pride in our commitment to the people, the environment and industries we serve. We surround ourselves with the people who comprise a national network of Environmental, Health & Safety professionals and we are ceaseless in our pursuit to understand the drivers in our markets and the career possibilities they create.

Our mission at EHS Select is to provide our clients with superior EH&S professionals.

Our passion is meeting people and strengthening these relationships over time to create greater opportunities for us all.

Serving people, industry and the environment.